How to Keep Your Hair Bundles Long?

hile some women opt to buy wigs; others prefer purchasing hair bundles. Bundles consist of high-quality hair typically tied together with a ribbon. Unlike wigs, bundles are not already sewn onto a cap, which means they are not immediately wearable.
People choose to use hair bundles for various purposes, including adding length and volume to their hair, as well as safeguarding their natural hair. The longevity of bundles largely depends on the care they receive. Below, you will find comprehensive information about hair bundles and valuable tips for their proper maintenance to ensure their extended lifespan.

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What are the hair bundles?

Hair bundles typically refer to a collection of hair extensions that are packaged and sold together. These extensions are usually made from real human hair or high-quality synthetic fibers. Hair bundles are popular in the beauty and fashion industry as they allow individuals to easily add length, volume, and different hairstyles to their natural hair without the need for chemical treatments or waiting for their hair to grow. Hair bundles are available in various lengths, textures, and colors, making it possible for people to achieve a desired look that matches their hair type and style preferences.  

These bundles are commonly used to create sew-in weaves, wigs, and other hair extensions. They are often sold in bundles or sets, which typically contain multiple pieces of hair wefts, each with a specific width. The process of attaching and styling hair bundles can vary depending on the individual’s desired outcome. Proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure the longevity and quality of the hair bundles, regardless of whether they are made from human hair or synthetic fibers.

Tips to keep your hair bundles long 

  1. Establish a hair care routine 

Maintaining a consistent hair care routine for your hair bundles is essential, and it requires a deliberate approach. Regular washing plays a vital role in keeping your hair bundles in good condition. This practice is crucial whether you have just installed them or not. Always opt for shampoos and conditioners that do not contain alcohol or sulfates. Why? These components are known to remove natural oils, which can lead to tangling of your hair bundles.

An effective washing routine entails gently washing the bundles, with particular attention to applying shampoo and conditioner to the hair ends

  • Use the correct comb for brushing 

Occasionally, you might come across tangles and knots in your bundles, which can be quite bothersome. However, regular brushing can help minimize these tangles. Therefore, when you’re brushing your Starshow hair bundles or Starshow wigs, make sure to utilize brushes or combs specifically designed for bundles and the specific hair type. For example, a wide-tooth comb works well for detangling curly bundles, while a brush is more suitable for straight hair. When brushing your hair bundle, do so gently and work through knots and tangles from the tips of the hair. One common mistake made by hair owners is brushing too forcefully. It’s important to avoid this! Brushing your bundle aggressively, especially when it’s wet, can lead to hair shedding.

  • Appropriate storage 

To maintain your hair bundle’s quality, store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Before storing, ensure the bundle is completely dry to prevent mold. Hanging the bundles on a hanger can help retain their shape.  

  •  Night care with satin 

Using satin scarves or pillows at night helps preserve moisture, keeping your hair soft and silky. If scarves slip off during sleep, opt for both a satin scarf and pillow for enhanced protection.  

  • Secure hairstyles for swimming 

For swimming, tie your hair in a low bun or use a wig cap, avoiding tight ponytails to prevent scalp pressure. Prevent prolonged water exposure as it shortens bundle lifespan. Dry hair after swimming, focusing on bond areas, and consider using conditioner.  

  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair 

After washing, ensure hair is completely dry to prevent mildew and tangles. Air drying is ideal, especially for synthetic bundles. Human hair bundles can be blow dried but refrain from doing so with synthetic ones.  

  • Limit heat styling 

Natural hair treatments apply to bundles and limit heat styling. Frequent use of curling irons damages bundles and reduces shine. Achieve curls through braiding, hair rollers, and air drying. Apply heat protectant if heat styling is necessary.  

  • Minimal hair products 

Using sprays and oils can lead to residue buildup and dirt accumulation on bundles. Limit the use of these products if possible.  

  • Decrease heat tool usage 

For heat styling wigs, prioritize heat protection. Minimize heat tool usage and utilize heat protectants. Use low heat settings to air dry wet hair under a blower.

Final thoughts 

Hair bundles offer a convenient solution to alleviate the stress of hairstyling. With a variety of styles, lengths, and colors available – such as blonde human hair bundles, natural black bundles, and highlighted hair bundles – you have the flexibility to personalize your look. While these bundles boast impressive quality and durability, proper maintenance is key to ensuring their longevity. Adhering to the fundamental suggestions outlined in this guide can significantly enhance the durability of your hair bundles.

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