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What Are 613 Blonde Wigs and How to Maintain Them

Nowadays, colored wigs are very popular, and many women begin to try to dye their hair or choose to buy dyed wigs. 613 blonde wig is the most popular color wig. You can know what 613 Blonde wig is and how to maintain it through this blog.

What is a 613 blonde wig?

Wigs with the designation “613” are often made of blonde or light blonde hair. The wig has a golden backdrop and is warm in color, resembling the sun. It is also very brilliant and adorable.  

The number 1.0 indicates black, 5.0 indicates light brown, 6.0 indicates dark gold, 7 indicates medium gold, and 10 indicates the lightest gold. Thus, the hair color code of 613 is blonde/light blonde, commonly referred to as light blonde. If your hair is 613 blonde colors. you will look very unique and attractive.

Why choose a human hair wig?

Some customers are asking if they can dye their hair into 613 blonde hair color, which is of course possible. But there are some risks you need to know. Dyeing is not an easy operation.

  • Staining may do irreparable damage to your hairstyle. You should choose semi-permanent fuel, not permanent. You can try to buy a 613 blonde wig, which will save you a lot of time and energy.
  • You can also choose a black ordinary human wig and dye it to avoid damaging your natural hair. High quality human hair wigs give you the perfect 613 color.
  • Human hair material is durable and look much more natural than sythtic hair. You can wear the 613 human hair for long term with proper care.

Features of 613 human hair wigs in Starshow Hair

  1. Use it frequently

613 human hair wigs are durable and long-lasting. It can last at least a year if you take proper care of it.   

  • Lovely colors   

Your appearance is highly attractive, special, brilliant, and warm when you have hair color 613; this makes people smile and gives you a self-assured, kind, and enthusiastic attitude.   

  • Be cautious

Your hair can be shielded from UV radiation from the sun and airborne contaminants by wearing a human hair wig. Additionally, you can achieve this lovely hair appearance without dyeing your real hair, saving you the risk.  

  • A genuine appearance   

Your 613-color hair will look more beautiful and realistic thanks to the natural and healthy color of human hair.   

  • Different styles   

You can freely select various lengths, densities, and hairstyles from the assortment of 613 human hair wigs.   

  • Saving time   

It will surely save time as your natural hair won’t need to be dyed. 613 human hair wigs can help you swiftly achieve your ideal look.   

  • Multiple parties   

You must realize that the 613 human hair wigs are incredibly alluring and captivating hair color looks that may satisfy any client’s requirements.

How to maintain your 613 human hair wigs?

  1. Avoid being too hot.   

Before using the heat treatment, make sure the hair is dry and free of knots. You can also apply heat protection to protect the wig, but first, you need to let your blonde wig dry and comb it out.   

  • You shouldn’t comb your wet hair.  

Your 613 white hairs shouldn’t be combed wet because they are less elastic than natural black hair.  

  • Exercise as necessary to condition   

Use conditioner wisely to maintain your blonde hair wig hydrated and healthy. Conditioner keeps the hair moisturized and stops the stratum corneum from forming, which keeps blonde hair in place and reduces discoloration. One approach is to use a wig-specific conditioner.  

  • Exemplary nursing   

Once each week, a thorough cleaning is performed on your blonde wig. Deep repairs will be made to your hair, your scalp will receive good moisture, and depth adjustments will completely stop breakage. Not to mention, using a deep conditioner usually yields incredibly clean hair.  

  • Stay out of the sun’s path   

A blonde wig would make you appear nicer and more brilliant outside, but too much sun can damage both the blonde wig and your skin by emitting too much UV radiation. Under ultraviolet light, your hair will dry out and eventually become orange in your blonde wig. You can use a UV shield to protect your blonde wig or wear a hat to decrease the effect of the sun when you are outside.  

  • Choose sulfate-free shampoo.  

Sulfates are chemicals that should be avoided when choosing shampoo since they will rob your hair of its natural protein and oil and create damage and bubbles. Therefore, if you want to keep your hair in peak condition, you should use a sulfate-free shampoo.  

  • Stay away from the conflict  

Take remove your wig before going to bed to prevent your hair from excessively rubbing against the pillow and drying out and tangling. Of course, if you want to sleep with a wig, you can choose to wear a silk nightcap and a silk pillow to lessen this friction.

Hot popular 613 blonde wigs in Starshow Hair

  1. 613 Blonde Wig with Dark Roots Human Hair 13×4 Glueless Lace Front Wigs Full Frontal Lace Wig
Ombre 4 613 lace front wig

613 Blonde Wig With Dark Roots Human Hair 13×4 HD Lace Front Wigs (

Lace area:13×4

Lace type: Undetectable Swiss Lace

Hair color: Blonde with Dark Roots

Hairstyle: Body wave/Straight

Hair length:12~28inch

Hair density:180% density

Hairline: pre-plucked

Hair texture:100%Human virgin hair

  • 4/613 Blonde Wigs with Dark Brown Roots T1B/613 Bob Lace Front Wigs
1b 613 short bob wig

4/613 Blonde Wigs With Dark Brown Roots T1B/613 Bob Lace Front Wigs (
Lace area:13×4

Lace type: Undetectable Swiss Lace

Hair color: #1B/613, #4/613

Hairstyle: Straight

Hair length:10~14inch

Hair density:150% density

Hairline: pre-plucked

Hair texture:100%Human virgin hair

Final reminder

Many ladies adore the beautiful color of the 613 human hair wigs, and many female celebrities on the internet have tried them. Try Starshow Hair if you’re looking for a reliable store that sells wigs of the highest caliber. With its own wig factory and more than ten years of experience, Starshow Hair manufactures wigs. You can confidently purchase it from Starshow Hair.

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