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Helpful FAQs About the 613 Blonde Wigs

613 blonde wigs are very popular in summer and autumn, and the color of hair will be very bright and charming in the sun. If you are very interested in this wig but don’t know much about it, today’s blog will help you know this wig more clearly. And you will also get some excellent online 613 wig recommendations.

What is a 613 blonde hair wig?

613 blonde wig is a kind of color wig, and its name is named according to its hair color. This is a color 613 hair color, light blonde wig. 613 blonde wig is made of virgin human hair collection materials in Starshow Hair. Part of it is made by machine, and part of it is tied to Swiss lace base material by hand.

What are the advantages of 613 blonde wigs?

  1. Extraordinary appearance

613 blonde hair wigs can let you dye any color; can also be very hot into any hairstyle you like. With a honey-colored blonde wig, you can try different styles. Blonde wig has unlimited possibilities and can give your modeling bring special visual effect.

  • Avoid staining natural hair

You can choose 613 blonde wigs to avoid staining your hair, which requires not only bleaching your natural hair but also staining your hair, both of which can damage your natural hair. And if you choose to buy a 613 blonde wig, you can avoid these operations, 613 blonde wigs is already bleached dyed lewd wig.

  • High-quality hair

613 blonde wigs are made of high-quality human hair that is soft, silky, elastic, has a natural shine, and is durable, giving you a very realistic look.

  • Multiple options

There are many types of 613 blonde human hair wigs, and you can buy straight silk hair, body wave, deep wave,613lace front wig,613all-lace wig,613adhesive-free lace wigs and more from Starshow Hair.

  • Suitable for spring and summer

The summer light will make your 613 blonde wigs sparkling and charming, and this will make your appearances more charming, give people enthusiasm and passion, and make you look vibrant.

How to care for 613 blonde wigs?

  1. Remove tangles in time

You should make sure that your hair is soft so that it can be more beautiful and easier to clean and maintain. You can use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to comb the hair bit by bit from the end and slowly comb it up to the root. Combing down from the hair roots may cause a lot of hair to fall off due to tangles.

  • Cleaning and maintenance twice a week

The frequency of cleaning wigs should not be too little or too much. Usually, you only need to wash and condition your hair once or twice a week.

  • Use sulfate-free hair care products

You should avoid using shampoo and conditioner containing sulfate. Sulfate will make your hair dry and fragile and accelerate the loss of water and nutrients.

  • Avoid high temperature

High temperatures will do great harm to your wig.

You’d better take a sunshade or hat when you go out in hot weather. You’d better use warm water or cold water instead of hot water when cleaning your wig. You should reduce heat setting operations on wigs, such as straightening, curling, or hair dryer. If you use it, you need to pay attention to thermal protection to minimize the damage to the wig, such as using the lowest power and applying thermal protection liquid.

Do dark skin women suit 613 blonde wigs?

Of course. The blonde color is a warm tone that shows personality. Blonde hair is also a good hair color for dark skin. It can highlight a person’s facial features and create an amazing appearance. You can see the picture below.

613 blonde wig shoulder length

How long can 613 blonde wigs last?

The more frequently you use wigs, the more limited your use will be. In addition, the service life of hair is also related to the quality and maintenance of your hair.

For 100% virgin human hair, 613 blonde wigs can last for at least 2 years under good maintenance.

Where get the best and most affordable 613 blonde wigs?

There are many various colored wigs including 613 blonde wigs at Starshow Hair. All wigs are 100% human virgin hair in 10A quality. And now Starshow is doing a great promotion for Mother’s Day. You can get many nice coupon codes to do purchases. And you can use the pay in 4 to release your burden for your budgets.

  1. Blonde Human Hair HD Lace Front Wigs 613 Straight hair wig
1162 1

Blonde Human Hair HD Lace Front Wigs 613 Straight hair wig (
It is straight hair with 613 blonde colors. You can see that the look is very attractive and gorgeous. It is a kind of wig with HD lace as well. You will love the natural hairline made by the lace. And the 613 blonde wigs are pre-plucked and made by a large lace area 13×4/13×6, for which you can do many nice hairstyles.

  • 613 Straight Blonde Body Wave Wig Shoulder Length Undetectable 13×4 Lace Front Wig
mid length 613 blonde body wave wig

Sleek 613 Straight Blonde HD Lace Bob Wigs | 180% Density (

It is a stylish body wave hair wig. The 613-hair color adds so many elements of beauty to the hair look. You will be the most pretty one whatever occasion you participate in. The wigs are for the shoulder length and the hair is dense and healthy.

  • Sleek 613 Straight Blonde Undetectable Lace Bob Wigs |180%Density

Sleek 613 Straight Blonde HD Lace Bob Wigs | 180% Density (

The straight bob is very sleek and silky. And the 613 color raises the level of this aesthetic feeling. You will be the active and lively one with full passion. The short-hair bob wig is also one of the most popular types for hot weather. You will feel soft and comfortable dear.

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