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Why Should You Choose The Lace Frontals With Bundles and How to Install Them?

Lace frontals with bundles have become incredibly popular in the hair market due to their ease of use and numerous benefits. They are particularly appealing to women who are dealing with thinning edges or traction alopecia. Using a lace frontal with bundles is considered one of the best methods for addressing these issues.

Lace frontal hair offers a solution by adding more hair and covering the scalp where there is a lack of hair. It is a fantastic option for individuals suffering from balding or hair thinning. By wearing a lace frontal wig, you can enhance your confidence and comfort. In this discussion, we will explore the reasons why choosing lace frontals with bundles is beneficial for you, as well as various methods for installing them.

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What’s the lace frontal with bundles?

A lace frontal is a type of hairpiece that provides coverage from ear to ear, effectively covering the entire front of the head. This is the main difference between a closure and a frontal. The standard size for a lace frontal is typically 13×4, but there are also variations available such as 13×6 and 360 lace frontals.  

Bundles refer to additional hair extensions that are used in combination with lace frontals to achieve a fuller look. These bundles can be sewn or glued onto the lace frontal to create a natural and voluminous appearance. Unlike traditional sewing methods, lace frontals eliminate the need for having enough natural hair for sewing, making them suitable for customers with various hair conditions, including hair loss.

Overall, lace frontals provide a versatile and convenient solution for achieving a natural-looking hairstyle, regardless of the amount of natural hair one may have.

The characteristics of lace frontal with bundles 

  • Achieving a Full and Natural Look 

Lace frontals are commonly used when individuals want to create a new hairline that extends about 2 inches back. They are especially favored by people with thinning edges, alopecia, or existing baldness. Due to their realistic appearance, lace frontals have gained popularity within the hair community as they provide a natural-looking style.

  • Comfort and Versatility 

Installing and wearing lace frontals is comfortable, and they offer the opportunity to experiment with different looks and colors without causing damage to one’s natural hair. Additionally, frontals allow for the protection of edges that would typically be exposed in sewing or hair extensions. Their versatility enables the creation of various styles, as they require less hair compared to closures, reducing the number of hair bundles needed to create a wig.

  • Complete Coverage 

Unlike closures, lace frontals cover the entire front of the head and hairline. This allows for various hairstyles, including high buns or ponytails, while maintaining a natural appearance.

  • Versatile Styling 

Frontal hairpieces are designed with either a silk or lace base that closely resembles the scalp. They stretch from ear to ear, allowing for free parting and versatility in styling. Frontals can be worn in the middle, left, or right side part, and can also be pulled back into various hairstyles such as high buns or ponytails. The natural-looking hairline created by the frontals makes them an ideal choice for women with thinning or balding edges.

  • Similarity to Closure 

A lace frontal sew-in is similar to a closure piece, but the main difference lies in the coverage area. While a closure typically covers a 4×4 area at the top or crown of the head, a frontal encloses the entire front area from temple to temple, including the hairline.

  • Protection and Versatility 

One of the benefits of using a frontal hairpiece is the ability to protect the hairline from damage. If you prefer wearing your hair pulled back and away from your face, a frontal provides a better option compared to a closure. This allows for maximum versatility in styling, as you can easily create updos or pulled-back hairstyles without exposing any tracks or wefts, resulting in a more natural and seamless look.

Fast reasons for choosing lace frontals?  

  1. Time-saving installation: Lace front weave is easy to install and can significantly reduce the time required for installation.
  2. Fewer hair bundles needed: Typically, only 2 bundles are needed for a full sew-in when using a lace frontal with bundles.
  3. Adjustable straps: Lace frontal closures often come with adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit for your head.
  4. Versatile styling options: With a lace frontal, you can create various hairstyles, including ponytails and other desired styles.
  5. Freestyle parting: Lace frontals allow for freestyle parting, meaning you can part your hair in any direction.
  6. Cost-effective: Lace frontals with bundle deals are more affordable compared to ready-to-ship wigs.
  7. High-quality: Lace frontals are made of 100% virgin human hair with a high grade of 9A, ensuring durability, neatness, minimal tangling or shedding, and a soft and comfortable wearing experience.

Pros and cons of lace frontals with bundles 

Here are the pros of lace frontals with bundles:

  • Quick and Easy Installation: Lace frontals are easy to install and often require less time compared to sew-in natural hair extensions.
  • Protective Style with Time-Saving Benefits: Lace frontals are popular among modern women who desire protective styles and want to minimize the time spent styling their hair daily.
  • Versatile Styling Options: With a lace frontal, you have the flexibility to style your weave hair in various ways, including ponytails, center parts, or side parts.
  • Natural-Looking Hairline: Lace frontals provide a natural hairline, giving you the freedom to style your hair as desired. It closely resembles styling your natural hair.
  • Comfortable and Breathable: Lace frontals are comfortable to wear on the head and allow for a constant flow of air to the scalp and hair, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Here are the cons of lace frontals:

  • Potential for Skin Irritation and Hairline Damage: The prolonged wearing of lace frontals can potentially irritate the skin and cause damage to the hairline or edges if not properly cared for.
  • Initial Installation Process: The initial installation of a lace frontal requires additional steps to achieve a natural look. These steps may include bleaching the knots, tweezing, tinting, plucking or trimming baby hairs, and ensuring proper installation for a realistic hairline.
  • Higher Cost: Lace frontals are generally more expensive to purchase compared to lace closures. This is due to the extra effort required to create a more realistic and natural appearance.

How to install lace frontals with bundles?

The sew-in method is a popular choice for installing lace frontals because it offers a more secure and seamless result compared to the glue-in method. It is recommended to seek professional assistance at a salon for this method. In addition to the lace frontal, you will need a needle and thread matching the hair color, as well as a hair net.   

Here are the essential steps to follow for the sew-in method:

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair.

Before installing the lace frontal, it is important to wash your hair thoroughly and ensure it is completely dry. Wet hair can create a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly under the lace frontal.  

Step 2: Create cornrow braids.

Style your hair into cornrow braids, ensuring they are close to the scalp and lay as flat as possible. The flatter the cornrows, the smoother the foundation will be for attaching the lace frontal.

Step 3: Secure the cornrows.

For any cornrows that may stick out, gently flip them to lay flat against the head. Use a needle and thread to sew the hair part in place. Insert the needle through both the embroidered hair part and the cornrow on your head, wrapping the thread around the needle twice to secure the hair. Repeat this process several times until the piece is securely attached, then cut the thread.

Step 4: (Optional) Attach the hair net.

If you choose to use a hair net, sew it onto the cornrows using the same technique as in Step 3. Ensure that the net or cap lays flat on your head without any lumps or bumps. This will provide additional security and a smooth surface for attaching the lace frontal.

Step 5: Position the lace frontal.

Begin by sewing one side of the lace frontal behind your ear, ensuring it is securely attached to the hair net or cornrow. Once one side is sewn, gently pull the frontal to the opposite side, making it as tight as possible to lay flat. Proceed to sew the back portion of the frontal, continuing until you reach the other side. This will ensure the frontal is securely attached and lays flat on your head.  

Step 6: Trim excess lace and style baby hair.

Using scissors, carefully cut off any excess lace from the frontal, being careful not to cut too close to the hairline. Pull some hair down from the frontal and use a brush to style the baby hair, covering the lace for a more natural look.

How to wear lace frontals with bundles naturally? 

To make the lace frontal look more natural, it is important to consider the placement and create baby hair:

  • Proper placement: Avoid placing the lace frontal too far up on your forehead. This can make your forehead appear smaller and give you an unnatural look. Instead, position the frontal near your natural hairline for a more seamless blend.
  • Create baby hair: Your natural hairline typically has baby hair along the edges, with shorter hairs in the front that gradually fade into longer hair. To mimic this natural look, you can create baby hair along the edges of the lace frontal. Use a small brush or toothbrush to gently brush out some of the hairs in the front, creating a softer and more realistic hairline. By following these tips, you can enhance the natural appearance of the lace frontal and achieve a more realistic and seamless look.

Final thoughts 

Lace frontals with bundles are very nice hair extensions worthy of your trying. And Starshow Hair’s hair extensions are all human virgin hair in high quality. Just come to make a check and choose the one you loved. Big promotions are processed with huge discounts and great coupon codes for saving your budget.

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