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How to Choose the Lace Frontal with Bundles Well?

Lace frontal with bundles is very popular now. Many women are loving the ways to do the natural look freely. Today we will introduce the lace frontals with bundles to you and share the tips to help you get the best lace frontals and bundles.

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Whare are lace frontals with bundles?

  • Lace frontal with bundles refers to a combination of a lace frontal and bundles of hair extensions. A lace frontal is a piece of lace that extends from ear to ear and is typically used to recreate a natural-looking hairline and parting space at the front of the head. It is usually made of a thin, breathable lace material that allows for a more realistic and undetectable appearance.  
  • Bundles, on the other hand, are multiple wefts or tracks of hair extensions that are typically sewn or glued onto a person’s natural hair or a wig cap. These bundles are usually made of human hair and come in various lengths, textures, and colors. When you combine a lace frontal with bundles, it means that you are using the lace frontal to create a seamless and natural-looking hairline and parting space, while the bundles are used to add volume, length, and overall fullness to the hairstyle. The bundles are typically sewn or glued onto the wig cap or natural hair, starting from the area behind the lace frontal.  
  • The combination of a lace frontal with bundles allows for more versatility in styling, as you can create different hairstyles, and partings, and even wear the hair up in a ponytail or bun, while still maintaining a realistic and natural appearance. It is a popular choice for individuals who desire a more natural-looking and customizable hairstyle.

How to get the best lace frontals with bundles? 

We will share some QAs to help you know the ways to choose the lace frontals with bundles. Now let’s begin. Keep on reading.
Why should you take notice of lace frontal sizes? 

  • Head size and personal preferences play a significant role in choosing the size of a lace frontal. Each individual may have a different head size, and if the lace frontal does not fit properly, it can result in an uneven and detectable appearance. Those who are experienced in wearing wigs may have a specific size preference based on their past experiences and what works best for them.  
  • Some individuals with larger heads may opt for a smaller lace frontal to save time and effort in covering it. In such cases, the lace frontal can be trimmed to fit their desired size. Ultimately, the choice of lace frontal size is subjective and depends on individual needs and preferences. Whether a person prefers a larger or smaller lace frontal, it is important to ensure that it fits comfortably and looks natural on their specific head size.

How to choose the right lace frontal sizes? 

Measuring the length from ear to ear across the forehead and the width of the forehead is indeed a great way to determine the appropriate size of a lace frontal. By using these measurements, individuals can ensure a better fit and a more natural appearance. It’s good to know that there are standard lace frontal sizes, such as 13×4, that most people fall within.  

However, if someone’s measurement does not align with the standard sizes, it is helpful to have the option to request a custom-sized lace frontal from a hair supplier like Layla Hair. Customization allows individuals to get a lace frontal that fits their specific measurements and meets their unique needs. Overall, taking accurate measurements and considering customization options can greatly enhance the fit and appearance of a lace frontal, ensuring a more seamless and natural look.
How to choose the right frontal length?

When choosing the length of hair bundles and lace frontal, there are a few factors to consider, including the desired hairstyle, texture, and facial shape. Here are some suggestions:

  • Length of hair bundles: If you plan to add waves or curls to your hair, it is recommended to go up one to three inches in length. Curly textures tend to appear shorter than straight hair, so adjusting the length can ensure the desired final look. Consider your personal preference and the hairstyle you want to achieve when selecting the length of hair bundles.
  • Length of lace frontal: For individuals with a round face shape, a longer lace frontal can be a good choice. It can help conceal chubby cheeks and create the illusion of a narrower face. On the other hand, heart-shaped faces are versatile and can suit various hair lengths and styles. Feel free to choose any length of lace frontal that you like and style it to achieve your desired hair look.
  • Human hair extension: If you want the flexibility to style your hair with thermal tools and dye it, it is recommended to choose a human hair extension. Human hair allows for more versatility in styling and customization. Remember, these are general guidelines, and personal preferences and individual features should also be taken into consideration when selecting the length of hair bundles and lace frontal. Ultimately, choose the length that makes you feel confident and suits your desired hairstyle and facial shape.

Is It ok to choose all bundles at the same length? 
This depends on what kind of hair look your want to achieve: 

On one hand, choosing the right length of a lace frontal and other hair extensions is crucial in achieving the desired hairstyle. Using a frontal length chart can help determine the suitable length for your hair extension. If you want a fuller and more uniform look, selecting hair bundles of the same length is recommended. This will create a consistent length throughout your hairstyle.  

On the other hand, if you prefer a layered look, choosing bundles in different lengths, such as 16″, 18″, and 20″, can help create those desired layers. It’s essential to choose a length that you will be happy with and feel comfortable wearing. If you are unsure about the length, it’s generally better to opt for longer hair extensions. This allows you the flexibility to cut or style the hair shorter if needed. Ultimately, the choice of length for your hair extensions should be based on your personal preferences and the hairstyle you want to achieve. By considering these factors, you can select the perfect length that suits your style and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

How many bundles do one lace frontal need for sew-in?

Choosing the right amount of bundles for your sew-in is essential to achieve a full and voluminous look. Here are some general guidelines based on the length of the hair:

  • 10 to 14 inches 

If you are purchasing hair in this length range, you will likely only need two bundles of hair along with a frontal to achieve a full look. This is because shorter lengths tend to have more volume and mass naturally.

  • 22 inches and up 

For longer lengths, such as 22 inches and beyond, you will typically need between 3 to 4 bundles of hair in addition to a frontal. Longer lengths have less volume and mass compared to shorter lengths, so adding more bundles is necessary to achieve the desired fullness. It is important to note that these are general guidelines, and the exact number of bundles required may vary depending on factors such as desired density, hair texture, and personal preference.    

  • A more natural and lightweight look 

Some individuals may prefer a more natural and lightweight look and a more voluminous and full look:

may require fewer bundles,  

  • A more voluminous and full look 

while others may want a more voluminous and full look and may choose to add additional bundles.   

Ultimately, the goal is to achieve the desired fullness and volume while maintaining a natural and seamless look. Consider your specific needs and preferences when determining the number of bundles required for your sew-in.

Which hair material to choose for lace frontals? 

Opting for human hair is the ideal choice. Virgin human hair offers longevity and effortless maintenance in your everyday routine. The hair is resilient when it comes to various styling methods, and it provides a natural gloss that is more realistic than synthetic hair. Despite the higher price tag, the investment is worthwhile due to the quality and benefits it brings.

Where to buy the best lace frontals with bundles?  

Finding a reliable source to purchase lace front closures is crucial, and you have landed in the right place. Starshow Hair offers lace frontals made from 100% Human Remy virgin hair. These frontals are versatile and can be bleached, permed, and chemically processed according to your preferences.  

They come in various options such as 13×4 Lace Frontal, 13×6 Lace Frontal, and 360 Lace Frontal, as well as bundle deals with lace frontals. These options cater to the needs of fashion-forward women and are available at favorable prices.

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